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Nov 08

Tub Springs American Pale Ale

Tub Springs American Pale Ale you have been dreaming about. This light and

delicious brew is made with Maris Otter and crystal malt, gently hopped to give it

that wonderful floral and citrusy finish This ale was a First place Homebrew winner

for American Ale at 2012 Battle of the Bones. Come try a pint at Portal Brewery.



Oct 31

Portal Brewing Co.’s Koko Blanco – Coconut Cream Ale

Koko Blanco – Coconut cream ale. A tap house speciality!


Oct 31

The Dark One ( a Siberian Imperial Stout)

The Dark One ( a Siberian Imperial Stout)

Wrestling with the heavy grain bill on this one, we nearly lost our minds to the Dark Side, but happily regained control to bring you a truly serious stout. We cannot legally serve you a full pint of this beast, and yes you will pay more for every ounce. Set your carelessness aside, and remember who is the master of your mind. Now focus, this monster demands your attention.