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Nov 18

Undertow Imperial IPA


Recipe for the Imperial Undertow is based on our Riptide IPA.  A stronger angrier big brother, this Undertow carries you away to

Nov 11

Food Menu

Portal Brewing Co. Menu locally and organically sourced as much as possible

True Pints handcrafted specialty ales $6 Imperial Ales $6 for 12 oz. Flights $8 for (6 sample glasses= 18 oz )

Gyros spiced lamb &beef fresh with cabbage & homemade tzatziki on buttery toasted Pita                           $7

Lamb Shwarma Hummus, spiced lamb &beef fresh with cabbage & tzatziki on buttery toasted Pita             $7

Vegie Gyro feta substituted for the lamb                                                                                                                      $7

WipeOut Lamb and green chiles on garlicy buttery toasted pita bread                                                                 $7

The Master Grilled green chiles inbetween mozzarella & feta on grilled. buttery garlic sourdough               $7

Puppetmaster turkey~havarti~ pesto~ bacon on toasted pita(or avocado instead of turkey/bacon)              $7

Schnitzel Master Grilled Sausage stuffed into a pretzel with cheese & bacon                                                    $7

Longboarder Grilled Cheddar on buttery sourdough                                                                                                $6

The Mash Paddle Linguica Pesto Mozzarella and Parmesan on Naan                                                                $7.50

Brewmaster’s Platter Chunks of bread, meat, cheese, 1⁄2 an apple,                                                                   $8.50

Field of Greens Artichoke Hearts, Greens and Havarti on warm Pita                                                                     $7

Maverick’s Bacon Quesadilla (or Vegie sub bacon with roasted chile peppers)                                                $7

Vegie, Vegan and Gluten Free Platters with hummus, soup & organic greens options                                     $7

Hop Dogs ( Taylors uncured) grilled in IPA, in large pretzels sauerkraut ,chips, ipa pickles, ipa mustard       $7

Rabbit Master Carrot Soup available every day, and sometimes it comes with gluten free raisin toast          $5

As available The Normandy Invasion Clam Chowder, Gumbo, and more

Add chips, ipa pickles, sauerkraut, bacon, green chiles to any order                                                               $1

Desserts: $5

Sweet Potato Pie warmed with cinnamon, pumpkin ice cream and whipped cream

Chocolate Lava Cake

Semi Fredo Mascarpone

Baby Floats: ( our favorite) tiny sampler coconut Jackie Brown ale with ice cream                                     $1

Or BIG BABY FLOATS ( a pint glass size of the baby float)                                                                                   $6

Sparkling Water, Iced Tea, Coffee, Hot Teas, Varietal Sodas prices subject to change

Portal Brewing Co. in the Central Fire Hall 100 E. 6 th Street, on the corner of 6 th and Front Street Medford, Oregon

Nov 09

Grace O’Malley’s Irish Red Ale

Grace OMalleys Irish Red AleGrace O’Malley’s Irish Red Ale

Even as a child Grace’s boldness kept her up in the rigging of her father’s merchant ship, where she was able to jump on the back of a marauder and distract him until her father could regain control of the ship. This ale created in honor of Ireland’s most appreciated and passionate, rebellious and redhaired pirate queen, this reddish brown colored, medium bodied ale, with a moderate toasted malt flavor and a moderate hop bitterness using East Kent Goldings Hops and Cascade hops. This popular favorite pairs well with cheeses and hearty soups using Specialty Carared malt from Weyerman’s and roasted barley to give its crisp fresh lovely flavor.

Nov 09

Downtown Jackie Brown Ale

Downtown Jackie BrownDowntown Jackie Brown Ale

Our most requested brown ale made with slow roasted organic coconut and an extensive grain bill, to create a full bodied complex and smooth Brown Ale. Pairs well with a second pint and a growler to go.

Nov 09

Black Ghost (Cascadian Dark India Pale Ale)

Black Ghost Cascadian Dark IPAThe Black Ghost (Cascadian Dark India Pale Ale) A rare treat, this black IPA with a twist, a complex Northwest Hop Addition balancing between citrus and spicy hop flavors, bitterness and caramel roast malts. A light to medium mouth feel. Come down to the tap house for a treat.

Nov 09

Buckwheat Blonde Ale

Buckwheat BlondeWhat happened to Buckwheat? (Buckwheat & Honey Blonde Ale) Brewed to spotlight the malt, this unusually refreshing ale is crafted with just the right amount of buckwheat to make Spanky and Alfalfa cry for more. And why yes, we do slow roast our organic buckwheat groats! (and Buckwheat strengthens capillaries)

Nov 09

Sunset Cream Ale



Sunset Cream Ale

Sunset Cream Ale.

Light, creamy and smooth, with a delicate flavour and a thirst quenching finish. A lovely ale for those hot days in the Rogue Valley. Join us at the brew pub for a pint.

Nov 09

Ahab’s Extra Special Bitter Hopoon (ESB)

AhabsExre Special Bitter Hopoon

Ahab’s Extra Special Bitter Hopoon (ESB) No one could be more bitter than Captain Ahab. That being said, we have brewed this extra special bitter to try and belay that feeling. Ahab’s ESB being so smooth and delicious it is truly Extra Special. It hits your mouth in front with traditional European hops that showcase this complex ale keeping true to the ESB character. Join us at portal Brewery for a pint.

Nov 08

Tub Springs American Pale Ale

Tub Springs American Pale Ale you have been dreaming about. This light and

delicious brew is made with Maris Otter and crystal malt, gently hopped to give it

that wonderful floral and citrusy finish This ale was a First place Homebrew winner

for American Ale at 2012 Battle of the Bones. Come try a pint at Portal Brewery.



Oct 31

Portal Brewing Co.’s Koko Blanco – Coconut Cream Ale

Koko Blanco – Coconut cream ale. A tap house speciality!


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