Portal Brewing Company at Central Fire Hall

100 E. 6th Street
Medford, Oregon 97501
541-941-0240 portalbrewing@gmail.com



To help us with a reconstruction of our manufacturing site,brew more for the upcoming festivals we are moving our Thursday hours back to 4pm. for hopefully a short time only.

St. Patrick’s Day

Medford Beer Week & Southern Oregon

Craft  Beer  Festival in Old Towne

Burgers Brews and Bluegrass

Harvest Fair and Beer Fest @the Expo

Battle of the Bones
cfHall for web


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  1. Alan

    Hi Mike,

    Blast—the pub was shut when I came by today (Saturday) around 2:00 or so. You guys gonna be back to regular hours next week?



  2. craig

    Thank you very much for the service I received last night at Portal Brewery. I have tried so many micro breweries beer, and mostly IPA, By far, EXPRESS TO INDIA, is the best IPA I have ever tasted. I understand from talking to Micheal and Theresa that this is a very hard one to brew. So much that you might not make it again. I was thinking the total opposite! My suggestion is to please make this a main stay, and bottle it for resale or at least kegs to sale to other places. I can not brag enough about this creation. This IPA is so different than the others. . Sweet smooth taste without a strong aftertaste! I just wanted to once again thank you for the great beer and food! I will promise to visit again and I will put the word out on the coast about your place that had excellent beer and food.

  3. craig

    I’m so sorry. . I messed up the name of the IPA.. It was PASSAGE TO INDIA.. my mistake. . #1 best IPA Ever

  4. Jennifer

    Great good!! 4 stars! Had the lamb and beef gyros and the pita was so fresh and tasty. The sauce was sweet and spicy…a great compliment to the lamb. Fun spot in the middle of town. A definate repeat.

  5. Greg Jenney

    jeremy or anyone who knows what subject will be covered for trivia next wednesday night. talked to teresa and she mentioned she’d get in touch when she found out . have a group of 4-8 people from out group ,metropolitan hiking club who’d like to play trivia with ya but would like to know the subject . called tonight but was super busy. .we normally play trivia with SOB BREWING BUT LIKE A CHANGE OF SCENERY. if you could call me at 541-973-1503 and leave a message of the subject you’ll do, thanks, greg

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