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vanTo book Portal Brewing’s Gastro Pub or Festival Van email or call 541-941-0240 to speak to the brewer Mike Dimon to arrange for the type and amount of ales you need brewed ahead for that date.  We prefer 3 months notice for festivals, and 2 months notice for small parties if you have a specialty ale request that is not regularly on tap.  Time ahead of no less than 4 weeks is required to meet licensing requirements with the state and city agencies for festivals.

For small parties under 50 people at the tap room  in Central Fire Hall at 100 E. 6th Street, we prefer to have you Mondays or Tuesdays if your party is not open to the public.

Contact us for details and open dates.  Down payments are required on van rentals.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Dear Teresa and Michael,

    I met you both at your brew pub back in spring time while my husband and I were enjoying some of your delightful nectars. You viewed some of my artwork on my Facebook art page and asked if I’d like to hang my work in Sept. I agreed and Teresa wrote my name and number down to hang. I’ve not heard anything more about this and so I’m contacting you to inquire if we’re still on for this occasion. Are we?

    Curiously and kindly,


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