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Sep 21

Food Menu September 2014


Nov 11

Food Menu

Portal Brewing Co. Menu locally and organically sourced as much as possible

True Pints handcrafted specialty ales $6 Imperial Ales $6 for 12 oz. Flights $8 for (6 sample glasses= 18 oz )

Gyros spiced lamb &beef fresh with cabbage & homemade tzatziki on buttery toasted Pita                           $7

Lamb Shwarma Hummus, spiced lamb &beef fresh with cabbage & tzatziki on buttery toasted Pita             $7

Vegie Gyro feta substituted for the lamb                                                                                                                      $7

WipeOut Lamb and green chiles on garlicy buttery toasted pita bread                                                                 $7

The Master Grilled green chiles inbetween mozzarella & feta on grilled. buttery garlic sourdough               $7

Puppetmaster turkey~havarti~ pesto~ bacon on toasted pita(or avocado instead of turkey/bacon)              $7

Schnitzel Master Grilled Sausage stuffed into a pretzel with cheese & bacon                                                    $7

Longboarder Grilled Cheddar on buttery sourdough                                                                                                $6

The Mash Paddle Linguica Pesto Mozzarella and Parmesan on Naan                                                                $7.50

Brewmaster’s Platter Chunks of bread, meat, cheese, 1⁄2 an apple,                                                                   $8.50

Field of Greens Artichoke Hearts, Greens and Havarti on warm Pita                                                                     $7

Maverick’s Bacon Quesadilla (or Vegie sub bacon with roasted chile peppers)                                                $7

Vegie, Vegan and Gluten Free Platters with hummus, soup & organic greens options                                     $7

Hop Dogs ( Taylors uncured) grilled in IPA, in large pretzels sauerkraut ,chips, ipa pickles, ipa mustard       $7

Rabbit Master Carrot Soup available every day, and sometimes it comes with gluten free raisin toast          $5

As available The Normandy Invasion Clam Chowder, Gumbo, and more

Add chips, ipa pickles, sauerkraut, bacon, green chiles to any order                                                               $1

Desserts: $5

Sweet Potato Pie warmed with cinnamon, pumpkin ice cream and whipped cream

Chocolate Lava Cake

Semi Fredo Mascarpone

Baby Floats: ( our favorite) tiny sampler coconut Jackie Brown ale with ice cream                                     $1

Or BIG BABY FLOATS ( a pint glass size of the baby float)                                                                                   $6

Sparkling Water, Iced Tea, Coffee, Hot Teas, Varietal Sodas prices subject to change

Portal Brewing Co. in the Central Fire Hall 100 E. 6 th Street, on the corner of 6 th and Front Street Medford, Oregon