Portal Brewing Co. –  Medford Oregon’s Newest Brew Pub. Located at 100 East 6th Street Medford, OR. Come in and see why this new brewery is getting rave reviews.


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  1. Jerry Zelesnikar

    Mike and Teresa,
    Laurie was out of town for a couple of weeks due to her work, I barely left the house, then, after her return, we traveled to San Francisco for Thanksgiving, taking in the hills, dales, dirty streets, a couple of neighborhoods, some good food, some not so good (and expensive) and a new beer destination called Mikkeller, a stone’s throw from our hotel. We are now back and will stop in to Portal soon.

  2. Tammy Coleman

    awesome beer, amazing decor and label art, wonderful, tasty brews, but what was best was the personality of the place and owners. Mike and Tess were warm and personable.

    Our new home away from home (MI)

    Sweet potato pie was the best I have had too!

  3. Issie


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  4. Calle Nilsson


    My name is Calle Nisson. I represent an beverage importer active in the Nordic markets (Sweden/Finland/Norway).

    I am interested to discuss our markets with you and if you can be interested to export your beer to our markets.

    Please get back to me via email, so we can discuss this further.

    More information about our company, please visit http://www.concealedwines.com

  5. Bill Bartman

    We live in Portland and came to visit friends and see a play. We biked in from Ashland. Had wonderful conversations with the staff; great food and terrific beer. Saw a flyer for a home brew contest. Would you please email me details – bill bartman00@comcast.net.


  6. Toby Rien

    Will be in town on Tuesday, March 3rd & will stop by the pub. Hope your memory allows you to remember me.

  7. Alan

    Hi Mike and Theresa,

    Tomorrow I’m getting a photo of the pastel which Pat Blair did of your brew pub. I will be receiving it by email and would like to forward it on to you. Can you provide me with your email address?



  8. kimberly rinyu

    Hello! i was wondering if you offer free brewery stickers? My husband and I just built a tiki bar in our backyard and have an outdoor refrigerator which we would like to cover in stickers from breweries ? — i was hoping I could get one from your fabulous brewery or a sticker that features one of your beers?
    My mailing address is:

    Kimberly Rinyu
    329 Lakeland Ave
    Sayville NY 11782

    Thank you so much!!!!!
    Kimberly 🙂

  9. Tiffany

    Hey guys! I had the privilege of being there for my 17th wedding anniversary! FUN! It was math night! We won in a sorta kinda way bc it was a two way tie breaker …over and over until the owners gave both teams a growler! Total fun…keep up the brain-ee-ack action …we’ll be there!
    Please post what nights you have scheduled for brain-ee-acks like me and my husband and we will be back!

  10. Dolly

    We are opening up a growler fill station in Ashland and would love to put your brews on tap. Who is your distributor?

  11. Jessica Cleeton

    Always fun coming here. Beers are wonderful, food is amazing and great pricing. Atmosphere is super relaxing and cozy. The service is amazing, they are super personable and really easy going. Small quaint place that is refreshing to see here in Medford.

  12. Nicole

    Greetings from Portland!

    My name is Nicole and I am a volunteer for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I had left a message on 9/16 regarding an invitation to participate in the upcoming Brewing Up a Cure event. I am following up to see if you had a chance to consider this opportunity.

    We are in the process of acquiring beer-related experiences or products for our silent auction. It could be a gift certificate to your brewery, bottles of beer, swag from your brewery or some type of experience like a beer/food pairing class or a “day in the life of a brewer” opportunity!

    I can send some important information for you to consider if you can send me an email address.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!


    Nicole Jonak
    Sister of a CF Angel

  13. Jeff Rouse

    Sorry to bug you guys but I wanted to tell you how much I love beer!! I know who doesn’t?? I’m putting together a bad ass tribute to breweries all over the United States and one day I’m gonna just take off and hit them all!!! So I was curious if you guys send out stickers to help rep your company? If so I would love to stick them on my piece! Cheers! Hope to see you soon! Thank you so much for your time.
    Jeff Rouse
    2112 Wallace st
    Muscatine, IA 52761

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